VitaXtrong Hulk Mass Gainer Protein Powder | 60g of Protein & Over 1500 Calories! | High Calorie Weight Gainer Protein Shake | Increase Size, Build Strength & Recover Faster - (Chocolate, 6 Lbs)

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Our VitaXtrong Hulk Mass Gainer was specifically formulated for skinny guys with fast metabolisms who are looking for serious gains! Our high calorie & high protein weight gainer has 60 grams of protein per serving and 1500 high quality calories to ensure you get the proper nutrition to grow. Our protein comes from 7 highly bioavailable protein sources that enhance anabolism to build bigger muscles and a low glycemic Carbohydrate blend to maximize recovery after grueling workouts. Unlike other mass gainers, Hulk Mass Gainer contains ABSOLUTELY ZERO creamers, corn syrup solids, and other fattening fillers. Gain mass the right way!EXTREME GAINER FOR BUILDING MASSIVE MUSCLE: Our high calorie MASS GAINER was formulated for skinny guys with fast metabolisms for building massive muscles. Each serving packs more protein and high quality calories so you can start building bigger muscle and recovering faster.
60 GRAMS OF PROTEIN & 1500 CALORIES PER SERVING: We are proud to bring you a TRUE weight gainer packed with 60 grams of protein and 1500 high quality calories to ensure you are fueling your muscles.
7 HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE PROTEIN SOURCES: VitaXtrong Hulk Mass Gainer has the 3 Key Factors of a TRUE weight gainer. 60 grams of protein from 7 Highly Bioavailable Protein Sources that enhance Anabolism to build Massive Muscle along with a Low Glycemic Carbohydrate Blend to help Maximize Recovery after your intense workout.
HIGH QUALITY CALORIES FOR MUSCLE BUILDING Each serving packs over 1500 nutritionally dense calories derived from 5 ultra-premium proteins, the absolute best growth enabling carbs and healthy fats such as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).
✅ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you’re not happy with the results from our Hulk Mass Gainer Protein simply return it within 30 Days for a FULL Refund! — Made in the USA.