Chest Exercises Without Weights That Can Be Done Outside Of The Gym

Let’s look at 3 effective chest exercises without weights. These exercises are useful for building or maintaining chest muscle, whether as a substitute for weight training when you are away from the gym, or as a complete alternative to weight training.

It is likely that you will have already come across these exercises before. But in order to build muscle using these exercises they need to be made as intense as possible. Otherwise, you will just be improving muscular endurance and not size.

3 Chest Exercises Without Weights

Exercise 1 – Push-ups

I am sure you have heard of the push-up before!

Push-ups are a great bodyweight exercise as they work many different muscles including the arms, shoulders, chest and midsection.

In order to get the most out of push-ups you should make them as hard as possible. Try alternating your grip from wide to narrow to emphasize which muscle groups are worked the most. Wider grips work the chest more, narrow grips the arms.

To increase the resistance of push-ups, try improvising with weights. Grab hold of some large books and place them on your back.

Another good ideas is to fill up a back-pack with heavy objects for when you do your push-ups.

Also, you can do the push-ups using chairs. Place both your feet on a single chair, and then one hand on each of the other chairs. The elevation that you get from this exercise will provide a nice deep muscle stretch.

Exercise 2 – Dips

Dips are a good bodyweight exercise for building chest muscles. You will see many bulked up guys doing this down the gym as one of their main exercises, and not just as a substitute for weights.

The aim is to only be able to do 6-10 reps of the exercise in order to encourage muscle growth.

But how can you do dips in your own home I here you ask?! Take a look at your kitchen, are there table tops and work surface that form a right angles to each other that provide you enough room to do a dip?

If you use your imagination and take a look around your home (or hotel room when away on business) then I am sure you will come across surfaces that will enable you to do dips.

Make the dips harder by attaching make shift weights around your ankles or by doing the back-pack trick again!

Exercise 3 – Handstand Push-ups

Handstand push-ups are a variation on regular push-ups that focus on working the shoulders and arms more, but the chest still gets a decent workout.

Place your feet against the wall and balance with your palms on the floor, as though in a handstand position. Then lower your upper body towards the floor until your head nearly touches the floor, and repeat.

The extra gravity will place additional stress on the muscles in this exercise, thus giving them a really good workout.


Give these chest exercises without weights a go in your quest to build muscle without weights. Remember to do the exercises slowly and with good form.

Make the exercises as hard as possible for yourself using the techniques described in this article.

Also look at other ways to increase the intensity, such as pre-exhausting the muscles and flexing the muscles during the exercise.

Source by Adam J Nicholson